End of net neutrality dangerous for small e-commerce Players

Indian companies are unaware about Digital Branding

Net neutrality is a concept or principle that simply states that all data transmitted on the Internet should be treated the same, and that any kind of data source or any kind of data and should not charge different prices for services based on the user

In a matter of weeks, the country’s telecom regulator will be allowed to charge different prices for differential use of data over the Internet. Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) could begin to charge some websites for faster connections to customers. Its just like that someone else decide what you eat. It means that large retail players like Google, Amazon or Walmart , Flipkart website will be available with greater broadband speeds & free access during peak selling seasons. They have privilege in the market over small or mid size retailers.

End to net neutrality could more difficult for small and mid-sized retailers to compete in the near future with big joint because of connections to small and mid-sized retail sites could be relatively slower than connections to large, fee-paying sites, over time, customers would have consistently better experiences on the larger websites, not because of quality, content, price, or service, but because of Internet connection speeds. It’s against law of any country. It’s will end Consumers right available under “Consumer’s Protection Act”. It’s against Constitution where everyone having basic fundamental right’s, It’s against monopoly & restriction Act. It’s against Fair competition Act. It will end a way for new entrepreneur they will not able to stand in big market without funds even they have better idea & better products & services. Funds plays important role for preferred access to customers and get priority over small businesses.

But is that really fair? Since customers are paying for broadband Internet service, shouldn’t those customers get to choose how they use their particular connection?

If service providers are empowered to decide on the accessibility of content, small companies, local websites will easily be left out this commercial market because of unable to compete with big players like Amazon and so access to their content is likely to be slowed or even blocked altogether. It may be ISP could also decide to impose higher fees on consumers who wish to access all web content and restrict the lowest paying customer’s. This means that fewer and fewer consumers will have access to small websites and e-commerce and consequently, these small players will disappear.

So raise voice for Net Neutrality & save your business from big e-commerce joint.
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