Indian companies are unaware about Digital Branding

Indian companies are unaware about Digital Branding

PompeiiTech : Today’s world is digital world. Consumers are making their buying decision by simply visiting web for looking about right product or service Advertisement on Television, News-Papers and billboard is a traditional way of one way marketing, which is of waste of resources .Moreover it’s a costly affairs with limited life. Consumers are not getting right details about product & service what they want .That why world’s one of the biggest real estate company Century21, having 8000 offices around 35 countries decided to stop TV,newspaper commercials. Instead of wasting of billions of dollar they decided to spend on digital marketing & surprisingly company received better response than traditional way of advertisement.
Now a days if consumers want any product or service they prefer to hear something from site which satisfy their need .consumer prefer online blogs, real review .Now PR & Marketing is not separate both are two side of one coin.

Digital branding provide you facility to reaching your buyers directly. One bad review change your entire reputation in open market. Expensive advertisement by traditional way are ineffective here. Lakhs of rupees, Press note, PR dept. not working.
Don’t waste your money on expensive advertisement .Be awake from propaganda .see example of Obama & Narendra Modi campaign for election. It’s a best example of digital marketing. Learn to adopt new marketing technics & adopt digital marketing.

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