IT sector workers need to change unethical behaviour

Indian companies are unaware about Digital Branding

During last 12 months more than 1,00,000 IT professionals have been reduced in India by leading IT firms including TCS, Yahoo, Cisco & IBM, only IBM reducing its India-based workforce by 50,000 over the past three years. Some companies are taking decision for cost cutting & some for performance basic. Skills based incentive, available only to few employees.
According to IT companies survey report most of employees utilized the Company’s resources & money. Spend valuable time for non-producing activities. Report says that employees unprofessional & Unethical behaviour, Disregard of Company Policy, Unlawful Conduct, Failure to Honor Commitments, Violation of Conscience, Deliberate Deception, wasting of time, Internet access, private e-mail messages, consumption of alcohol/abuse of drugs, Fair dealing, Inside trading, Dealing with data, misuse Company facilities & sitting whole day on social networking sites is a common activities done by Indian IT workers during working hours. Such type of business climate fosters IT companies for reducing IT workers.

Please read & think statement made by Narayan Murthy, CEO Infosys views on Indian IT workers he says most of the employees staying late In the office & using company resources busy in surfing, utilizing AC, Phone, Food, and Coffee facilities for own sack. This is the scene in most research centers and software companies, PCs still running, coffee Machines still buzzing put In extra working hours without no meaning.

The study brings out the behaviour all aspect of the employees working dishonest than employees. IBM India reportedly asked a significant number of its employees in India to quit as well after restructuring its business. There were reports of lay-offs by Dell. HP had reportedly laid off a sizeable chunk of their workforce in India as well.

According to law employee has not wrongfully utilized the company’s resources, expect specifically authorized by directors and employees, shall not misuse, for personal gain or otherwise, the assets of the Company, Indian young IT workers represent the workforce of the future. Experts says that most of Indian IT Corporate facing problems of workers’ lack of knowledge, Greedy mentality. Lack of ethics & work-related values, attitudes, and behaviours, namely family influences and work experiences

Company rewards both good and bad behaviour. It means IT companies expect honesty from their employees. Companies won’t tolerate unethical behaviour. Every company is running on Its own set of rules. Indian IT employees need to follow company rules & code of conduct for busting Indian IT sector. This will result in fundamental change in IT Corporate & creates more numbers of jobs in market.

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