India really need visionary leader Like Mr Lee Kaun Yew

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Pompeii™: A visionary leader is someone who is capable of transforming an organisation or nation. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first prime minister, died on Monday aged 91, the man who created the modern miracle of Singapore, was one of the visionary leaders of the 20th century. His biggest achievement is that from zero he’s built up today’s Singapore. Pompeii Technologies Pvt Ltd wish to express deepest condolences to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s family.

We are not a political observer still we appreciate contribution of Mr. LKY.
Just read achievement made by Lee. Every Indian must read & Don’t forgot to like& share this.

1. Lee is credited with building Singapore into one of the world’s wealthiest nations on a per capita basis .Singapore is now home to many of the world’s ultra-rich, lured by low taxes and a high standard of living.

2. Singapore has kept its ranking in a global corruption survey as the fifth least corrupt country.

3. In 2014 Singapore per capita, income is $ 78,762 & GDP per Capita is equivalent to 292 percent of the world’s average.

4. Singapore is known for its impeccable cleanliness and low crime rate & strong reputation for being safe. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore & Improper disposal of gum and carrying large quantities of the banned product will cost a hefty fine of up to $1000 for first time offenders.

5. Singapore is bent on maintaining its reputation of being impeccably clean. First time offenders who throw small items like cigarette butts or candy wrappers are fined $300. Those who throw out bigger items are considered defiant and are required to appear before the court. The punishment usually involves a Corrective Work Order (CWO), where the offenders clean up a specified area while wearing a bright luminous green vest.

6. Heavy fine imposed for smoking at prohibited areas, Illegal crossing of pedestrians on roads. Not flushing the toilet & urinating in elevators. Vandalism is a serious offense in Singapore with penalties that include not only fines but also jail, and 3 to 8 strokes of caning. The act constitutes damages done to both public and private properties.

This type of rules is strictly follow by every citizen of Singapore .not like India, where rules are made to be broken. How all these happens?

This miracle made by charismatic leader Mr Lee Kaun Yew. He has shown to world what a committed and inspired leader is capable to do for nation.

So, what does the India really need? – we really need charismatic leader like lee with a vision & purpose .Who have capacity & political willingness & motive to change corruption habit & traffic habit of people .Who have capacity to provide green & clean environment along with world-class airports and super-highways, infrastructure focus must include good hospitals, schools, electricity and low-cost housing & capacity to reduce un-employability. Let’s hope for this & at lease convert yourself for transforming India

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